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Mock test and postal material for test series (MAINS 2015), check your delivery schedule.
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CRASH COURSE =40 day = 100 hours classroom programme starting 1st November
For optionals Classes in Political Science, Public Administration, History, Sociology Classes start in first week of September.
IAS Vision, Kolkata Saltlake City
IAS Vision, Kolkata Saltlake City



Preparing for civil services confronts candidates with an altogether unique and different pattern of questioning , entirely different and set aside from  the academic type exams . The mode  of answering  need s to reflect the  analytical answering approach ,which at times candidates are not equipped for, neither can this trait be acquired  overnight and most institutes do pay only lip service to the issue.

one year of focused Work  should be good  enough for having a successful  go at the exam , but it is advisable that  one remains in the loop for one extra year  prior to starting preparation . All this additionally depends on level of intellect .

whatever be  the level of prior acquaintance ,exam needs time and patience to analyse and  fully appreciate the demand of exam . our classes make special efforts to enliven the interest and segregate the chalk from cheese , so that one has adequate time at his disposal to widen his scope to interlink diverse areas . whatever be your academic area of study , we will make sure you feel comfortable  enough. .

They say “every small journey begins with a single step” , similarly  our surprise tests will keep you on tenterhooks  as well as keep you grounded  to reality . In the end we sincerely believe    “ a team is only as good as its players”    system is tailormade to  bring out the best but everthing in the end boils down to a few simple words commitment and dedication .

What we will try to present to you is not a plethora of information  but in tightly  written chapters all relevant  information will be presented , nothing foreign would be brought in and  what is under scrutiny is your ability tocomprehend diverse social issues and present them harmoniously ..

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